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SABBC PLAYLIST #3: A Valentines Special (kind of...)

We proudly introduce to you the Skull And Bones Boys Club play list #3: a valentines special (kind of...)

We've done our usual of mixing what we're currently listening to with some of the best new music that we love and a few classic bangers thrown in for good measure.
This one is slightly different though, we've thrown in some pure emo gems and also some absolute pure cheese love songs amongst our audio assault in honour of the worlds worst holiday, valentines day. Over 4 and a half hours of weirdness to keep you entertained.

Have you ever seen Converge next to The Carpenters? Baroness next Berlin? La Dispute next to Little Mix? Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Next to Frank Sinatra? Nat King Cole next to Norma Jean??

Thought not, click below to listen now. And dont forget to subscribe to our spotify channel!


skull and bones boys club - This is yours

you heard the rumours. we went away for a while, but we came back stronger than ever. our story has been told by the last of the remaining original founders.

filmed by dominic gregory / produced by zero visuals / created with a87 studios and is here for you to watch.

this is us, open, raw and simply being...

...we're back


When Skull and Bones Boys Club launched, some people decided to care. Anyone who wore our brand was immediately initiated into the club.

We've featured some of our Super fans along side musicians / influencers / models / other people you might know.