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Here's some of our closest friends.

James Bourne - Guitarist - Busted/McBusted

Disclosure - DJ, Producers, Musicians

James Bay - Musician

Josh Beech - Musician, Model, Influencer

Marty Degenne - International Tattoo Artist

Dani Winter Bates - Bury Tomorrow Vocalist

Ben Grove - Pro Skater

Lee Tobin - Feed The Rhino

Ricki Sam Hall - Influencer

Oshie Bichar - Bassist - Beartooth/City Lights

Kamron Bradbury - Guitarist - Beartooth

Jordan Green - International Photographer

Jonathan Harris - Guitarist - Bad Sign

Paul Green - Vocalist - Devil Sold His Soul/ The Arusha Accord

Caleb Shomo - Vocalist, Producer - Beartooth

Dominic Bass - Guitarist Cancerous World, illucifer

Simon Baxter - Vocalist Krokodil

Carlos Enrique Navarro - Photographer, Touring Professional

Tyson Romain - Producer/MC

Olivia Mccracken - Influencer

Pockets - Landscapes

Marcus Lunqdvist - Grieved Vocalist

Josh Baines - Malevolence Guitarist

Liam Westnidge - Legend

Joshua Coleman - Model

James Burrows - Actor

Mel Clarke - DJ, Model, Influencer

Fil Thorpe - Recording Bassist

Chris Millington - Influencer

Sean Long - Guitarist While She Sleeps

True Fiction - DJ

Dominic Dady - Tattooist, Dead Harts

Keshia - Influencer

Daniel Williams - Drummer The Devil Wears Prada

Ben Jackson - Guitar Tech

Dani Abasi - Drummer Neck Deep

Adam Zytkiewicz - Guitarist - Oceans Ate Alaska

Louis Gauthier - Vocalist - Breaking Point, Brutality Will Prevail

Kristan Dawson - Guitarist - Bury Tomorrow

Alexis Gotts - Drummer - Wet Nuns, Baba Naga

Andrew Nicholson - Arctic Monkeys, Clubs and Spades, Two Gold Teeth, Tom Prior

Harry Maine - Pro BMX Rider

Chris Pritchard - Guitarist - Blood Youth

Adam Woodford - Vocalist - Polar

Darren Richardson - Model, Influencer

Kitty Cowell - Blogger, Stylist, Influencer

Jonny Renshaw - Guitarist, Producer, Studio Technician - Devil Sold His Soul

Cara Shaw - Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Frank Iero and the Celebration, The Bronx

Kon - Guitarist - Malevolence

Paul and Richie - Vocals and Guitar - Desolated

Drew Dijorio - Vocalist - Stray From The Path